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Sex Therapy

Are you and your partner dissatisfied with your sexual relationship?

Do you feel emotionally disconnected during sex? Do you desire more or less sex than your partner, causing problems in the relationship? Have past experiences or current beliefs impacted your ability to be intimate?

Sexual problems or dysfunctions often feel shameful and embarrassing. Many couples are unsure what to do or where to turn when the most intimate part of their relationship develops problems.

Many Couples Face Sexual Problems  

People who experience sexual problems often feel like they are alone in their experience. This is far from the truth. Many couples face a number of sexual problems or dysfunctions at some point in their relationship, such as the ones listed below.

  • Sexual desire discrepancy in which one partner desires more sex than the other.
  • Sexual dysfunction or pain due to a medical condition.
  • Lack of emotional connection during sex.
  • Inability to orgasm.
  • Past trauma or sexual abuse that makes sex difficult for one or both partners.
  • Life circumstances such as infertility, small children, stress, or exhaustion that impact sex.

A Marriage and Family Therapist Can Help

Reaching out about sexual problems is hard, but it’s also worth it. A marriage and family therapist can provide the support and direction you need to resolve your struggles and regain a satisfying sex life.

A couples counselor can help you identify the reason behind your sexual problems. Many couples who experience difficulty related to sex also deal with underlying relationship issues. Arguments, conflicts, communication issues, and trouble relating on an emotional level often spill over into a couple’s sexual relationship. Many times, couples find that when their relational issues are resolved, this improves their sexual issues as well.

Other times, past trauma needs to be resolved or untrue beliefs need to be reconsidered for couples to regain a healthy sex life. On other occasions, medical issues impact sex, and a counselor can help you determine how to improve relationship intimacy, as you also pursue medical solutions to the problem.

We Offer Evidence-Based Couples Counseling Practices

Our counseling methods can provide the help you and your partner need. At the Prescott Relationships Center, we are dedicated to using evidence-based counseling practices. This means that the type of counseling we provide has been proven by decades of research studies to effectively help struggling couples.

In particular, our counseling practice uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in our couples counseling sessions. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a model of therapy that anticipates fast results. Couples who are focused and motivated often experience significant improvements in their relationship after 8-10 sessions.

The goal of EFT is to find the root of what is troubling your relationship and discover ways to emotionally bond with your partner. Emotionally Focused Therapy is highly effective in treating sexual dysfunction, as sexual difficulties are often related to emotional disconnection or an inability to bond.

Research has shown that EFT enhances sexual satisfaction in sexually dissatisfied couples, and increases emotional and physical sexual satisfaction in couples facing infertility. Because of the way in which EFT enhances emotional intimacy and sexual desire, EFT is also considered an effective therapy for sexual desire discrepancy. On a more general level, EFT leads to increased intimacy and higher levels of satisfaction within the overall marriage relationship. We know that EFT works. And we believe it can help your marriage.

Renewed Intimacy in Your Relationship Is Possible

Many couples avoid seeking help for sexual problems because discussing this topic feels shameful and embarrassing. Most people feel uncomfortable sharing the most private and intimate details of this part of life. Because of this, many couples deal with sexual problems for years without getting needed help.

Couples who wait this long often don’t realize that most sexual problems can be overcome with the right type of treatment. Our expert marriage and family therapists are professional, compassionate, and maintain strict confidentiality. You can be assured that we provide a safe and respectful environment to help people find solutions to the difficult issues that arise in their sexual relationships.

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Depending on your situation, we also offer EFT for unmarried couples, couples facing infidelity and divorce, and couples in need of premarital counseling.

If you have any fears or concerns about marriage or couples counseling, we encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you have additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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