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Marriage Counseling

Take a moment to consider your marriage. How are you doing?

Have arguments, yelling, and complaining become more common than you would like? Do you find yourself facing an overwhelming crisis such as infidelity or talk of divorce? Do you feel disconnected from your spouse? Perhaps you have stopped having sex, find intimacy difficult, or no longer seem to have time for one another. Or maybe a stressor such as parenting, illness, or financial difficulty is impacting your marriage, and you don’t know what to do about it.

Marriage problems such as these can quickly become all-consuming. Marriage is one of life’s most intimate relationships, and because of this, marital problems often feel devastating, overwhelming, and impossible to overcome.

You are Not Alone in Your Marriage Problems

Although we often feel isolated in our relationship pain, in reality, the vast majority of marriages experience some level of distress at some point in the life of the relationship. These marital problems take on a variety of forms, with some of the most common listed below.

  • Conflict and arguments over topics such as finances, parenting styles, sex, extended family, and division of chores.
  • Intimacy problems such as failing to connect throughout the day, dissatisfaction with sexual relationship, and difficulty communicating with one another.
  • Crisis within the relationship due to infidelity, illness, unresolved conflict, or other unexpected circumstances.
  • Differing expectations of what the relationship should look like and resentment when these expectations are not fulfilled.
  • Personal problems such as childhood abuse, mental and medical illness, work problems, or grief that impact the marriage relationship and need to be worked through both individually and together as a couple.

A Marriage and Family Therapist Can Help

Many marital problems are difficult for couples to work through alone. If you find yourself experiencing relationship problems such as these, you and your spouse could greatly benefit from seeing a marriage and family therapist for marriage counseling. A trained therapist can provide the support and direction you need to resolve your struggles and regain a satisfying relationship.

Your relationship problems do not have to be huge or at a crisis level for a marriage and family therapist to be helpful. Marriage counseling is appropriate for any couple who desires to strengthen their marriage.

At the Prescott Relationship Center, we have extensive experience helping couples work through difficult issues. We take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is happening in your marriage so we can guide you in the right direction. As marriage experts, we have helped hundreds of couples identify what is going wrong in their marriages. Ultimately, our goal is to help you transform your marriage and the ways in which you relate to one another.

We Offer Evidence-Based Marriage Counseling Practices

Our counseling methods can provide the marriage help you and your spouse need. We are dedicated to using evidence-based counseling practices. This means that the type of counseling we provide has been proven by decades of research studies to effectively help struggling couples.

In particular, our counseling practice uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in our marriage counseling sessions. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a short term model of therapy. Couples who are focused and motivated often experience significant improvements in their relationship after only 8-10 sessions.

The goal of EFT is to find the root of what is troubling your marriage and discover ways to emotionally bond with your spouse. We focus on helping you and your spouse identify cycles of conflict within your marriage, acknowledge the emotions that underlie your responses to one another, and find new ways of accepting each other and meeting one another’s needs.

Emotionally Focused Therapy used in the context of relationship counseling is highly effective. Research shows that 90% of couples who receive EFT show significant improvements. EFT leads to increased intimacy and higher levels of satisfaction within the overall marriage relationship. We know that EFT works. And we believe it can help your marriage.

Timely Marriage Counseling Leads to Lasting Results

Many couples put off needed mariage counseling. Some statistics suggest that the average couple waits six years before seeking relationship therapy from a marriage and family therapist or other professional.

There are many reasons this happens. Sometimes one partner is invested in the thought of seeking help, but the other partner is not. Other times, couples struggle to admit they actually need help, or they wait and hope the problem will go away on its own. Many couples fear that counseling won’t work, and that all the time, money, and emotional energy invested into counseling would be wasted.

We have the utmost confidence in our approach. We have seen with our own eyes the restoration that can happen in marriages that dedicate time each week to discussing their relationship in a counseling setting. And research tells us that distressed couples who complete Emotionally Focused Therapy are less distressed once they finish, and maintain these results for years to come.

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We are dedicated to helping couples transform and strengthen their relationships. If you think we would be a good fit for your needs, please do not hesitate to call us today at 928-273-0027. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our approach to relationship counseling and how we might help you and your spouse.

Depending on your situation, we also offer EFT for unmarried couples, couples facing infidelity and divorce, and couples in need of premarital counseling.

If you have any fears or concerns about marriage or couples counseling, we encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you have additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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