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General FAQ

What do you charge for therapy?

As experts in couples counseling, we provide the highest quality, short-term, research informed counseling services for couples seeking a close, connected, safe relationship for the long term. As a result, if you want low-cost counseling, we are not your option.  We maintain limited space for couples unable to pay the full rate for counseling.  If you have questions about our fees, or would like to discuss a reduced rate, please feel free to contact me at 928-420-8300.

We provide discounts to service members, veterans, and teachers in need.  If you have any questions regarding these discounts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you take insurance for reimbursement?

Individual counseling:  We are always expanding our insurance providers for our individual counseling services.  Please feel free to call us at any time to check on what insurance companies we accept for individual insurance.

Marriage/couples counseling: We understand that having health insurance can be important when you have medical issues and expenses. However, many insurance companies do not pay for couples counseling as they do not see relationship struggles as a “medical problem.”  We agree that relationship issues are not medical problems. That said, you may find therapists who are willing to take your health insurance for counseling.  However, this has some risks as your health insurance requires that you are given a diagnosis of a mental disorder, which will be listed on your medical records. This may cause problems later when you might be asked, “Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?” on a job application or when applying for health or life insurance.  We want to help you and your relationship, not potentially cause you problems later due to a diagnosis in your medical records. This is why we do not typically take health insurance as reimbursement for marriage/couples counseling in particular.

What if I have more questions?

We are here to help. Please call 928-420-8300 if you have more questions.

 If you are worried about your relationship with your partner, please don’t wait. Call us at 928-420-8300 to schedule an appointment today.