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Reconnecting Couples: We use the most-effective approach to recapturing closeness and building a loving future together

Online Couples and Individual Counseling also available.

When love has disintegrated into arguing, distance, resentment, anger, and frustration, couples often feel hopeless.

“When I want to talk and work things out, my partner just shuts down. And, then I can’t stop getting frustrated and angry, and he shuts down even more.”

“Now, even the smallest things can spark an argument. Even worse, nothing ever gets resolved.”

“Intimacy is a big issue for us now. He feels rejected, but I feel it’s so hard for me to be close when we’re not getting along.”

“We don’t argue anymore. We’ve both just given up. We’re like roommates, but we used to be so close and so happy together.”

“We’re stuck. And we’re afraid we may end up divorcing. But we still love each other so much.”

Sound familiar?

You’re feeling afraid your marriage or relationship is headed down a path from which you can’t recover. You’ve been walking on eggshells with each other, and the love and closeness that brought you together seems lost. You’ve been trying to understand each other, yet even those discussions can get sidetracked into the pattern of arguing.

Let’s face it: Relationships can be the hardest thing we do. We are powerfully drawn to our partner, and our greatest need is to know we are special, to be reassured that we matter and that we can receive comfort and love from our partner.

When couples are not getting along, the emotions can feel powerful. As we are losing the most important connection in our lives, we become easily angry, upset or cold, or distant. Deep down, however, we are feeling devastated by the turmoil of sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness that has taken over our marriage or relationship.

The Right Type of Help Makes an Important Difference

At Prescott Relationship Center, we are skilled therapists with extensive training to help couples in the most effective way. We use the method that has the highest success rate: the acclaimed Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.

In this proven process, you’ll learn:

  • That neither partner is to blame. When you and your partner are distressed, you fall into a “negative cycle” of arguing or distancing. The cycle is not intentional; however, it hijacks all the good parts of your relationship and replaces them with arguing (yes, even over the smallest things!) and creates greater distance between you. Over time, it seems as if this negative cycle occurs almost automatically, even though you both are trying desperately to reconnect and communicate.
  • How to heal past wounds or hurts, including infidelity. Often couples are concerned that they cannot move past the hurts that have occurred either during the negative cycle or because of one or both partners’ actions in the past. Recovering from past issues or events is an important component of effective counseling – and requires a skilled therapist to help you heal successfully.
  • You’ll practice how to turn to each other and talk in positive, loving ways about your most important concerns. You’ll learn how to exit the negative cycle when it occurs. Couples who have completed Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy often find that they continue to improve after therapy has ended.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy is effective because it is based on solid theory. The roadmap is more successful because it takes couples far beyond simply learning to improve their communication.

You’ll develop a new, loving path to a deeper, more fulfilling connection and build an emotionally safe and close relationship.

As part of your therapy with us, you’ll learn to understand the strategies used by successful couples in long-term, happy marriages. These research-supported practices include how they resolve conflict, spend time together and be truly supportive.

Your Skilled Guide through Even the Most Difficult Paths to Loving Again

The journey we take together is not always smooth. The emotions that brought you to counseling may continue for some time until healing has mended old wounds.

Your Prescott Relationship Center therapist is here as your support, to help you through the challenging passages, to guide you toward a new, deeper resolution of your past and current challenges. We have the training and experience to assist you both in learning to truly hear and acknowledge what is in each other’s hearts.

We have years of experience helping couples:

  • Recover from infidelity
  • Recognize the damage of jealousy in relationships and move toward greater peace and compassion between you
  • Become a team in parenting through appreciating each other’s approaches and to recognize each of your deeper concerns about raising healthy children
  • Resolve differences you may have struggled with related to money and finances
  • Heal old emotional wounds between you in which you felt misunderstood or not cared for by your partner.

We believe strongly in the healing process and the positive outcomes that can be created. You can trust that:

  • We are proponents of couples trying to work things out, despite the past emotional wounds that may have occurred.
  • We don’t judge you or your situation. We have worked with couples from different cultures and backgrounds. We believe people are resilient and truly want to learn to reconnect and trust again.
  • We help you focus on your unique needs and to hear and understand each of you equally. We never “take sides” with either partner.
  • We do not influence your decisions or choices. Rather, we help you have the discussions together that can lead the two of you to be true partners in your life path.

In learning to reconnect with each other, couples with children may find their relationship with their kids also improves. You’ve learned a new way to acknowledge each other’s needs and to listen with compassion – and couples can then use these new approaches to improve communication with their children (yes, even teens!).

We Work with Individuals, Too

While our primary focus is on working with couples, we also help individuals with a range of concerns. Do any of these sound like you:

  • “I am depressed and anxious, but I can’t help but think it is impacted by my 
  • “I have a pattern of getting into relationships with partners who are not good choices for me.”
  • “My jealousy interferes with every relationship I’ve had. I don’t understand why – or how to change.”
  • “Being truly close to another person is hard for me. As soon as a relationship gets more involved, I pull away and even break them off.”
  • “I get too serious way too soon and I scare away potential relationships.”

We also work with individuals on addressing anxiety and depression, improving self-esteem and confidence, and coping with grief and loss.


A Few Words About Our Fees & Insurance

At the Prescott Relationship Center, you’ll be working with a couples specialist – bringing you years of training and experience to give your relationship the best potential for success. We use the most-successful approach to helping couples move from despair to joy and we truly love helping our couples renew their connection.

To give your marriage or relationship the appropriate level of professional service, we are out of network providers for most insurance. This permits us to:

  1. Conduct 80-minute couples sessions, which are far more effective in doing the deeper work that gets to the heart of your challenges as a couple
  2. Keep your relationship with your therapist truly confidential without insurance company interference or records requests
  3. You can use a Health Savings Account (HSA) or FSA to pay for your sessions with us

For Our Veterans, Teachers, and First Responders

We offer a discount for those who have served and continue to serve our community. Additionally, we are on the insurance panel for TriWest for Veterans. You can inquire about these benefits when you inquire about an appointment.

Taking the First Step

Selecting a counselor can feel difficult, and research even shows that couples wait far too long (an average of six to seven years) before seeking help. There is so much at stake, and the years of pain may have taken their toll.

To help you feel more comfortable with your selection of a professional to walk this journey with you, we offer a no-cost consultation to help you see whether we’re a fit to work together. We look forward to talking with you. You can reach us directly at 928-420-8300.

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If you have any fears or concerns about marriage or couples counseling, we encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you have additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Making an appointment at our Prescott or Flagstaff offices or to book an online session is easy–you can call the Prescott Relationship Center at 928-420-8300. After all, if not now, when?
Make sure to ask about our discounts for service members, veterans, and full-time teachers in need.

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