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Affair Counseling

Is your marriage facing the devastating consequences of infidelity?

Perhaps you recently discovered that your partner cheated on you. Or, maybe you are the one who participated in an affair. Either way, you are wondering if recovering from infidelity is possible.

After an affair, couples face a number of difficult questions. How did this happen? Will I ever be able to trust my partner again? How can I ever forgive? Is getting over an affair possible?

 Many Marriages Face Affairs

One of the most common reasons couples seek out counseling is because they want to know how to get over an affair. Research suggests that somewhere between 20-40% of marriages deal with infidelity. In the aftermath, couples face severe emotional and relational consequences, such as those detailed below.

  • Intense feelings of distrust and an inability to depend on one another.
  • Guilt and shame that the affair happened.
  • Psychological distress including anxiety, depression, and severe stress.
  • Communication difficulties, including not knowing how to talk about the affair or address the impact of the affair.
  • Grief over the loss of the relationship as it was before.
  • Parenting difficulties related to not knowing how to help children who are being impacted.
  • Discussions about separation and divorce.

We Teach Couples How to Survive an Affair

 Couples who are surviving an affair often need counseling from a marriage and family therapist. After an affair, one of the biggest problems couples struggle to work through is how to talk about what happened in a helpful and appropriate manner. Often, the injured spouse presses for detailed information that may only add to the hurt. On the other hand, the participating partner often wants to avoid talking and move on. Infidelity counseling with a marriage expert helps couples avoid these extremes and appropriately talk about what happened.

At the Prescott Relationship Center, we have extensive experience working with couples who are healing after an affair. We show couples how to deal with infidelity and resolve the numerous resulting consequences. Our goal is to help you rebuild trust in your relationship. We want to help you heal the emotional bond between you and your spouse that was broken by the affair.

We Offer Evidence-Based Affair Counseling Services

 Recovering from an affair takes a lot of work and effort, but it possible. We are dedicated to using evidence-based counseling practices in our work with couples who are healing after an affair. Evidence-based counseling practices refers to means of counseling that have been proven effective by research. Specifically, our counseling center uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in our affair counseling sessions. Emotionally Focused Therapy has been proven by decades of research to help distressed couples improve their relationships.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is highly appropriate for work with couples facing an affair. An affair breaks the bond between partners. When a spouse has a physical or emotional affair with someone else, they break the emotional connection that was supposed to be exclusive to that relationship. In the language of EFT, this broken emotional connection is called an attachment injury. Research has shown that over 60% of couples are able to resolve significant attachment injuries after 13 sessions of EFT.

Affair Counseling is Worth the Effort

Many couples avoid affair counseling. Resolving the consequences of infidelity takes an enormous amount of work and effort. Couples often avoid marriage counseling because they don’t believe anything could possibly save their relationship. They avoid counseling out of guilt, shame, and fear. But, we believe that forgiveness and restoration is possible.

Research tells us that marriages grow in trust, forgiveness, and satisfaction with the help of Emotionally Focused Therapy. We have seen this happen with our own eyes. Couples can resolve the wounds of betrayal and abandonment when they are able to openly communicate their feelings regarding the affair in a safe place. And this resolution is not a short-term fix. Often, couples find lasting results. Research supports what we see in the couples we counsel. Couples who complete EFT are not only less distressed once they finish, but also maintain these results for years to come.

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We are dedicated to helping couples who are overcoming infidelity. We offer affair counseling that can be tailored to meet the needs of married couples and unmarried couples. We also offer divorce counseling for couples who are facing this possibility.

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