When To Press The Panic Button – Your Guide To Asking For Help

Even the most independent among us need support sometimes. Yes, even you. In fact, it can be hard to know when it is time to seek help when we become overwhelmed in life. However, doing so can prevent far greater hurt and anguish in the longer term.

We all go through difficult chapters in varying themes and capacities. Financial crises, pandemic realities, and political transitions are all a common stressomarriage communicationr for many of us, especially recently, and it can greatly affect our mental wellbeing. Our relationships, romantic or otherwise, are also a considerable factor in how we feel in life. Even with the most honorable of intentions, life has its way of serving curve balls when we least expect them.  Additionally, mental health conditions that we cannot predict or avoid (such as clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and hormonal imbalances) play a specific role in how we feel and how capable we are to cope with conflict and disruption. Without the right help, we can quickly become unstuck.

The key to knowing when to ask for help?

There is no lower limit. Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Our experiences and personal histories are unique to each of us. There is no wrong answer or ‘bad time’ to reach out for the help you deserve. You should not have to live in a way that causes you pain without a source of help or guidance to safely see you through to the other side.

There is always a way out. There are pathways that can relieve the pain we are feeling. No matter how desperate you might feel or how hopeless a situation may appear, there is hope. We may just need a guiding torch to help us identify the correct route along with a kind hand to hold in reassurance that better is coming.

Therapy is an incredibly empowering way of overcoming personal battles. It is a space within which we can lay down the concealed heavy loads we are struggling to carry. It is where we can give space to our emotions without fear of judgement or rejection, as we follow the gentle voice of a professional. There is no better time in life to start than the present and this applies to the process of booking a course of therapy directly.

There is no need to rush.

It is completely normal to fear the unknown and to need a little breathing space as your mind absorbs the concept of a new step. Tread gently in the knowledge that you are in control, no one else. You are the leader of your destiny and that will not change. Therapy will be ready to welcome you whenever you’re ready to press the ‘help’ button.