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Relationship Workshops

A Relationship Education Retreat for Couples 

What past participants said about the Created for Connection weekend

When asked what was most helpful about the program, participants said:

  • “See where my communication is key to our relationship.”
  • “Giving us the tools to do the dance right.”
  • “Understanding her feelings.”
  • ”Presenters, combined with materials, truly positive program for couples/close relationships.”
  • “Dr. Cross’ warmth, compassion, expertise.”
  • “I enjoyed doing this work with input with other couples. I liked hearing the information presented and then doing the exercises and discussions afterword. Getting this on many levels. Pretty deep stuff but very understandable.”
  • “The way it explained a new concept of communication and sympathy and understanding.”
  • “I learned how to communicate more positively with my partner; to empathize with her.”

When asked what you would say to couples considering this retreat, participants said: 

  • “Come in prepared to think/reflect/be open to what you might do/let yourself think new thoughts.”
  • “DO IT! Very positive. Obviously cost and time can be a challenge for some, but your efforts to make it accessible to all are appreciated!”
  • “That it is so helpful.”
  • “It is worth it!”

Other comments:

  • “I got so much from this. I experienced a lighter and loving way to deal with hairy issues. THANK YOU!!”
  • “Everything was great. Both of you [the presenters] have been so safe and positive and helpful.”
  • “Very open, comfortable, welcoming, warm, genuine and useful.”
  • “Don’t put it off, do it!”
  • “It will be helpful no matter how strong or struggling your partnership is.”
  • “Go – experience the hope and growth in your marriage.”
  • “I would highly recommend this seminar/retreat.”

The Created for Connection Retreat will help you and your partner, from a Christian perspective, to: 609_3565147

  • Understand the science of love
  • Control negative “dances”/interactional cycles that often result in despair or confusion
  • Understand how our emotions and relationship needs can hijack our attempts for connection
  • Shape a positive loving bond to increase connection, safety, and appreciation in your relationship

The weekend is structured around learning and applying the seven conversations detailed in Susan Johnson’s Hold Me Tight® book through structured activities that couples complete privately throughout the weekend.  We spend time learning about the basics of communication and interactional cycles in relationships, followed by private time where couples work through the retreat workbook activities in private.  Although time is spent as a group discussing each couple’s experience completing each conversation, please know, at no time during the weekend, are couples required to disclose anything about their relationship (Created for Connection is a relationship education retreat, not group therapy).

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Based on the book Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love By Dr. Sue Johnson

Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark of Sue Johnson








Please note, the seminar will be canceled if minimum registration numbers are not met. You will be notified by e-mail of any cancellation.

*NOTE: We offer both secular/non-faith based as well as Christian seminars.  All couples are welcome at both seminar formats. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.



IMG_5461-1Keith A. Cross, Ph.D., Faculty, Department of Psychology and Counselor Education, Prescott College, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at the Prescott Relationship Center

Keith has extensive experience working with diverse clients in a variety of settings including social service agencies, in-home therapy, college counseling centers, in-patient psychiatric hospitals, and crisis clinics. He has served in a variety of teaching and administrative positions in higher education. In working with clients, Keith maintains a focus on affect regulation and attachment issues, as well as a systems orientation to client concerns. Keith has a passion for working with couples and has extensive training in the most empirically validated couples therapy, emotionally focused couples therapy. He has conducted workshops on a variety of topics, but trains therapists most frequently on counselor ethics and the use of emotionally focused couples therapy.  Keith currently serves on the AZBBHE Academic Review Committee for Marriage and Family Therapy.  He earned his Bachelor’s in Psychology from Arizona State University and his Masters and Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University.

Sherrina Johnson, M.S., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at the Prescott Relationship Center
Sherrina has experienced growing up in a Navy family, joining active duty Navy herself, spouse of active duty, divorce, single mom, and joining civilian life as a veteran. She has experience as a counselor for residential at risk youth, inpatient/outpatient medical hospital setting, hospice, equine facilitated psychotherapy, community mental health, and now private practice. She has dedicated her life to enriching others’ experiences the most effective way she knows how, through our relationships with the most important people in our lives. Backed by decades of extensive research, the two main evidenced based treatment methods she utilizes are the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Sherrina earned her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy from Capella University and her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from Thomas Edison State College.




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