Reasons why the corona virus could be triggering stress in your relationship – and ways to stop it happening

No matter what stage of life we enter, there will always be natural highs and lows. Finance, familial commitments and social responsibilities can all tug at our attention at various times.
These stress factors tend to turn up in our closest relationships, as reactions to what we are feeling. We might withdraw more than usual, or become uncharacteristically snappy. Unchecked, these issues can grow into deeper long term problems.
Then, as if regular life wasn’t enough to deal with, along comes a global health pandemic!
If you are feeling overwhelmed during the ‘corona era’, then you are certainly not alone. Mental, emotional, relational and physical wellbeing is a concern we are all adjusting to right now in varying capacities.
More than ever, we need to come together in unison with our loved ones to overcome the challenges we are facing. But how can we do so when so much uncertainty surrounds us?
First step? Take a deep breath. Give credit to yourself for doing all you can to overcome this unfamiliar territory. The very fact that you have sought out this article demonstrates your willingness to bring positivity to your relationships. Be proud of what you have already achieved.
Have you taken that breath? Great – let’s continue!
Have you noticed that your partner is more difficult to be around than usual? Just like you, they might be struggling with adjustment to working from home (or not working at all), afraid of losing a loved one, fearful of how this pandemic might impact their immediate community/state/country/world, or just general worry about the future. Sometimes fear and worry can lead to everything from withdrawing to outwardly angry behavior. This can cause feelings of neglect when one partner feels they are making more effort than the other, which only serves to further disconnection and make it that much more difficult to maintain a sense of closeness.
Try to allow a little more room than usual for a change of behavior with this in mind, within the limits of harm for your own mental health.
It is vital to remind your loved one that they are in your thoughts. Make sure you are taking opportunities to give full attention to each other, away from any background distractions.
The process of connection is ongoing for every shape and size of relationship. For healthy love to thrive during this universally challenging time, a conscious series of movements and adjustments on a daily basis are necessary. This applies now just as much as it always has done.
At a time when so much is uncertain, there is one thing we can rely on; the power and the depth of genuine love. Thankfully, there is no virus on Earth that can remove its presence, nor its power.