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Marriage Coaching

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Are You And Your Partner Struggling To Communicate?

  • Have you been dealing with ongoing problems in your relationship that you just can’t seem to resolve?
  • Do you feel like every attempt to address these problems simply leads to another argument?
  • Are you worried that the growing divide between you and your partner could jeopardize the future of your relationship?

Maybe you’re tired of frequent conflicts and you’re hesitant to bring up certain issues because you don’t want to argue with your partner. Perhaps your relationship has become so strained that you feel like you barely know each other anymore. At times, you feel isolated and lonely, even when you’re with your partner.

Relationship Troubles Can Affect Every Area Of Your Life

You might feel like it’s impossible to take your mind off of your rocky relationship, making it hard to concentrate at work or enjoy social situations. You may have withdrawn from your friends or family because conflicts with your partner are sapping your energy or because you don’t want to admit that you’re unhappy in your relationship. The deteriorating state of your relationship could even lead to symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Deep down, you believe that you and your partner still care about each other—you just don’t know how to navigate these sensitive conversations. Through marriage coaching, you can address your relationship concerns in a space where it’s safe to be honest and open. With the guidance of a coach, you and your partner will be able to engage with these issues, move beyond the fear of addressing sensitive problems, and overcome the disconnection within your relationship.

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Every Couple Faces Obstacles

At times, it can seem like you and your partner are truly alone in dealing with these challenges. Yet behind the scenes, countless couples feel distant from each other and don’t know how to bridge the gap. Couples can end up engaging in arguments that seem to repeat themselves over and over again, making it difficult to break the cycle. These arguments could be rooted in a wide range of issues, from financial troubles to familial conflicts to infidelity.

Couples Get Stuck In Harmful Interactional Patterns

Many couples find themselves unhappy because they fall into a common, detrimental interactional pattern characterized as the “pursuer, withdrawer” dynamic. One partner desperately tries to engage, even if these interactions are tense, yet the other continues to pull away, despite also knowing this may increase tension. They might try to minimize conflicts at any cost to keep the peace. However, these responses can create barriers to the vulnerable, open communication necessary to rebuild connection.

Perhaps you and your partner have attempted to solve long-standing problems in your marriage on your own, yet every time you try to tackle the issues, you find that you’re still unable to break out of old patterns. Even if you and your partner have been struggling with the same problems for years, it can be difficult to reach out for help. 

Sometimes, couples hesitate to seek coaching because of the social stigma that still surrounds seeking help, while others worry that a coach will tell them to separate rather than help them repair their relationship. Furthermore, some couples assume that if they’ve been struggling for so long, their problems must be unresolvable. But in marriage coaching, you can finally begin to heal your disconnection and move forward with professional guidance.

Through Marriage Coaching, You Can Repair Your Relationship

Marriage coaching is a proactive, goal-oriented approach to addressing relationship problems as a team. At the Prescott Relationship Center, your coach will support you and your partner as you identify the issues that are driving a wedge between you and assist you in implementing concrete strategies to cultivate a healthy relationship dynamic. Ultimately, you’ll apply the skills you learn in coaching sessions to your daily life to create lasting change in your marriage.

What To Expect In Marriage Coaching

During your first session, you and your partner will talk to your coach about the challenges you’ve been facing, as well as any solutions you’ve tried so far. You’ll also have the opportunity to share what your emotional needs are in the context of your romantic relationship and what you hope to gain from coaching.

Often, couples enter coaching with the assumption that communication troubles are the core problem interfering with their relationship. However, your coach will help you look deeper and explore whether there are other underlying issues that have led to long-term pain for both of you. While communication is frequently a “presenting problem” for couples, coaching can serve as a chance to uncover the specific, painful issues that get in the way of healthy communication.

If you or your partner are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or another mental health condition, it may be suggested that you seek therapy in addition to the work you’re doing in coaching. While your coach can acknowledge the role that conditions like these play in your relationship, marriage coaching is not intended as a substitute for therapy.

Different Approaches To Marriage Coaching

Your coaching plan will be uniquely tailored to your needs and goals as a couple. For example, after taking stock of your relationship and exploring the potential roots of the specific conflicts you’ve been grappling with, your coaching plan might integrate improving your emotional regulation skills and finding new ways to meet your partner’s deeper needs. Overall, your coach will provide you with a clear process intended to help you reach your goals as a couple and talk to you about what to expect at each step in the process.

They will also provide homework assignments for you and your partner to complete, allowing you to continue working on the skills you’ve learned outside of sessions. For instance, your coach might recommend that you complete worksheets to identify your interactional style as a couple, your underlying emotional needs in conflicts, or relationship needs that you’re finally ready to share with your partner.

Coaching isn’t just about making suggestions and checking in. Your coach will work to instill confidence in you and your partner regarding the process and your efforts to overcome obstacles. Ultimately, you’ll develop a comprehensive roadmap that will allow you to understand your partner’s needs and cultivate a fulfilling, healthy bond.

But You May Still Have Questions About Marriage Coaching…

Can marriage coaching actually help us repair our relationship?

Like most couples seeking help, you and your partner have likely been feeling disconnected for months or even years and you might assume that coaching won’t be effective or that it’s too late to seek help. But if you’re both dedicated to solving your relationship problems, you can break free from the patterns that have been holding you back. We draw from research-based practices and over twenty years of experience working with couples to create defined paths to healing for our clients.

Will our coach tell us to break up?

After supporting countless couples throughout the coaching process, we always maintain a sense of hope in regards to resolving relationship issues. Your coach will not recommend separating as a solution to your problems. With professional guidance, you and your partner can revive the romantic connection that you once had and move forward together.

I’m worried about the costs of marriage coaching.

We understand that the costs associated with coaching can leave some couples feeling hesitant to pursue this path, even if they think they would benefit. Therefore, we utilize a short-term, research-based approach to coaching in order to help couples strengthen their relationship on a faster timeline. Marriage coaching is a worthwhile investment in your future as a couple.

 Marriage Coaching Can Help You And Your Partner Grow Together

If you’ve been trapped in a cycle of recurring relationship problems, and you and your partner are truly committed to solving these issues, marriage coaching might be the right choice for you. To book a free consultation and learn more about our practice, or to schedule your first session, call us at 928-420-8300 or schedule an appointment online.

If you are worried about your relationship with your partner, please don’t wait. Call us at 928-420-8300 to schedule an appointment in Prescott today.

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