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Linda Schwartz, M.Ed., LPC

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • M.Ed., counseling, Northern Arizona University
  • B.S., journalism, sociology, University of Maryland

I fully appreciate how daunting it can feel to reach out for couples counseling. Perhaps you’ve delayed taking this step. You’re certainly not alone if you have. I am trained and experienced in using Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, which we refer to as EFT, and selected this model because this approach offers key advantages, including:

  • A gentleness in which both partners’ feelings are valued and respected
  • There is no judgment by the therapist
  • Studies continue to show that EFT is the most effective method of helping couples in distress
  • We work very early in the process to alleviate stress in the marriage or relationship.

You’ll quickly learn that the cycle of arguing or distancing – which feels never-ending and in which issues are rarely resolved – is unknowingly perpetuating your struggles. You’ll learn that you fall into blaming each other when, in fact, this cycle is the true “enemy” in your relationship.

Most couples-therapy approaches teach you how to communicate. However, studies show that mere communication skills are not long-lasting. The success of EFT stems from couples achieving a new understanding and appreciation of themselves and their partner on a new, deeper level. One of the special moments in EFT counseling that I love are the AHA! moments when a new realization or awareness is discovered.

While gentle, EFT provides a proven, effective road map for helping resolve and work through the greatest challenges in your marriage or relationship. EFT helps couples talk frankly about intimacy; heal from past hurtful events; and recover from infidelity and restore trust.

You’ll learn in our sessions to resolve old but recurrent disagreements and how to have these important conversations with each other long after therapy has ended.  EFT offers you the opportunity to rediscover the strengths of your marriage or relationship and to rekindle that magic spark when you first met and fell in love. The distance and disconnection you have been experiencing can evolve into a new closeness and stronger bond.

An added benefit: You will find your communication with your children also can improve, as well as with other family members. You’ll easily be able to get to the heart of matters and open the doors to greater understanding and compassion.

I am also a cancer survivor, I offer individual or relationship counseling to help those during any stage of your cancer journey. I deeply understand and have lived (and endured!) the emotional roller-coaster of fear, long waits for test results, and the rigors of treatment. I offer couples a warm, compassionate, and professional venue to help them cope as best as possible during the ups and downs of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

When substance abuse is impacting a couple’s relationship, a “wall” often emerges that can severely impact a couple’s emotional bond and security. Experienced in in-patient and out-patient substance-abuse treatment, I offer an informed background as well as a deep (and non-judgmental) understanding of addiction and the challenges of recovery. One of the important benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy is the counselor’s role as one of empathy without blame or shame.


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