Keeping love healthy while working from home – 7 ways to connect during Covid-19 quarantine

With the arrival of Covid-19, thousands have suddenly been required to work remotely. Offices all over the globe have been swapped for living rooms, bedrooms, and any other space with WiFi connection.

For many, working from a home environment will be something of a shock. It can be difficult to rapidly and unexpectedly adjust.

Sharing the space with a loved one takes a little configuring, but it can become a very positive experience – even in challenging times!

Here are 7 easy ways to keep love alive while working from home with a partner:

1. Keep to a daily schedule. Mark out breaks and work sessions, agreed upon by both partners. Your partner will appreciate knowing when you’re doing what, so that you don’t clash in the home space. You’ll be far more likely to be productive – and less bad tempered later on!

2. Shower and get dressed. Pajama life can leave you feeling lazy and unfocused. It also doesn’t demonstrate much effort for your partner! Force yourself to take a proper shower and dress in daywear. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to face the day together.

3. Create time for yourself. Get up early and go for a walk before anyone else is up and about. Or take a walk around your garden, if you have one. Anything that removes you from your home space will regenerate both your mind and body. Both are vital to the wellbeing of your relationship – don’t neglect them.

4. Agree on a ‘do not disturb’ signal. It might be that when either of you are working while wearing headphones you are ‘inaccessible.’ Or you could agree that when a door is closed, then this signals no entry. A simple agreement like this prevents a multitude of future disputes.

5. Differentiate day and evening. When work ends, pack everything away and reset the lighting or curtains to ‘evening mode.’ Psychologically let go of your office, allowing time to focus on each other. Make it special, lighting candles and choosing a movie each night of the week.

6. ‘De-tech’ at least once a day. Mealtimes are a great time to put smartphones on charge in another room and make space to hear one another. Reconnecting away from the glare of screens will you give you an opportunity to hear one another’s experiences in real time.

7. Take moments for ‘time-out’ when you both need it. Being cooped up comes with natural challenges. It’s imperative that small annoyances are kept in check. If you feel frustration rising, take yourself into another room to take a few deep breaths before you re-engage. Repeat as necessary!

We are certainly living in uncertain times. None of us can know for sure what lays ahead. But what we do know, is that love remains.

Embrace this moment of simpler living to work on your most important relationships. It could be the rare opportunity to connect that you never knew you needed!