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Addiction Counseling

Has your relationship been impacted by addiction?

Are you unable to trust your partner due to past drug or alcohol abuse? Have you discovered that your partner has a sexual addiction and are unsure if the relationship can continue? Are you and your partner both involved in addictive behaviors that harm the relationship?

Addictive behaviors can have a lethal effect on marriages and intimate relationships. Relationships are often severely damaged when one or both individuals become addicted to a substance or behavior. When addiction takes hold, couples often feel hopeless and unsure where to turn for help.

Addiction Harms Intimate Relationships

If your relationship has been harmed by an addiction, you are not alone. Addictions are common and come in many forms. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, pornography addiction, and gambling addiction are a few examples of addictive behaviors that harm intimate relationships. Couples impacted by addiction may experience any of the following problems.

  • An inability to build trust due to the lying and manipulation that often accompany addiction.
  • Financial ruin and conflict due to the cost of addiction.
  • Difficult emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, hopelessness, and grief.
  • Co-occurring mental health issues such as depression and anxiety that also impact the relationship.
  • Conflict and arguments regarding treatment of the addiction, particularly if there is denial that the addiction is a problem.
  • Conversations about separation or divorce when addiction goes unresolved.

A Marriage and Family Therapist Can Help

Perhaps you have never considered how a marriage and family therapist can help you and your partner work through the impact addiction has had on your relationship. Although individual counseling is essential for people with addictions, many times, family involvement is needed as well. A trained therapist can provide the support and direction you need to resolve your struggles and regain a satisfying relationship.

At the Prescott Relationship Center, we have extensive experience helping couples work through the unique impact addiction has on relationships. We help couples identify and process how their relationship has suffered. We then help couples repair the relational damage and rebuild a satisfying connection.

We Offer Evidence-Based Counseling for Couples Impacted by Addiction

Our counseling methods can provide the help you and your partner need. Our center is dedicated to using evidence-based counseling practices. This means that the type of counseling we provide has been proven by decades of research studies to effectively help struggling couples.

In particular, our counseling practice uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in our couples counseling sessions. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a model of therapy that anticipates fast results. Couples who are focused and motivated often experience significant improvements in their relationship after 8-10 sessions.

The goal of EFT is to find the root of what is troubling your relationship. and discover ways to emotionally bond with your partner. In the case of addiction, EFT can help you identify how addiction has ruptured your relationship. Emotionally Focused Therapy is designed to help couples repair relational wounds so they can regain a healthy connection.

Emotionally Focused Therapy used in the context of relationship counseling is highly effective. Research shows that 90% of couples who receive EFT show significant improvements. EFT leads to increased intimacy and higher levels of satisfaction within the overall marriage relationship.

More specifically, research shows that EFT is effective at improving the relationships of people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. It can also be an effective treatment for relationships ruptured by sexual addiction. We know that EFT works. And we believe it can help your marriage.

Consider Couples Counseling in Addition to Individual Treatment

Many couples impacted by addiction have never considered the role that couples counseling can play in their recovery. People who are addicted to a substance or behavior should find an addictions counselor to help them on an individual basis. However, when it comes to addiction, many times, recovery occurs through the help of multiple treatments that address various aspects of the addiction.

Couples counseling is one important additional treatment for you to consider. Addiction ruptures trust in relationships, and even when people gets an addiction under control, they are still left to deal with the many ways in which the addiction has hurt the people around them. Couples counseling is often needed to rebuild trust, repair wounds, and work through a process of forgiveness and reconciliation.

If addiction has harmed your marriage, EFT for couples can help. Processing your emotions, fears, and hurts in the context of counseling can bring healing to your relationship.

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Depending on your situation, we also offer EFT for unmarried couples, couples facing infidelity and divorce, and couples in need of premarital counseling.

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